Lura Ketchledge, Author

Near-Death Connection

When attorney Jack Kidwell—a man blessed with an excess of good looks and charm—meets alluring equestrian Madeleine Hampton, he’s blissfully unaware that he has taken an exit ramp into the paranormal world—or that a ghost orchestrated it. A maelstrom of events draws him deeper into the supernatural realm when a ghostly presence launches a flurry of urgent messages. Jack and other central players, some of whom had near-death experiences and returned with psychic gifts, sequester themselves on a haunted farm in the posh Middleburg, Virginia horse country to search for answers. During their entrenchment, the explorers venture deeper into the world of ghosts, the afterlife, and psychic phenomena. Suspicion and jealousy nearly unravel Jack’s world, and he recognizes they must urgently decipher the ghostly messages and take action—or risk being forever lost in a paranormal undercurrent.
Reincarnation Connection

When psychic Tess Hamilton’s husband literally tosses her to the curb in New York City, she experiences an anaphylactic reaction to a pill that transports her to another dimension. During that interlude, Tess views large segments of her past-life, in tandem, as a spectator and from the first person perspective of Abigail Cantrell, a young woman struggling to survive the Civil War. Among the revelations is that Tess essentially married the same husband twice, and, in both incarnations, got trapped between a father and son in conflict. Tess flees to the posh horse country of Middleburg, Virginia to recover. Retaining some of Abigail’s traits and talents, and urged on by a ghostly intervention, Tess teams up with an historian to resolve a murder mystery that occurred centuries ago. When her polo-playing former beau Conrad Winslow shows up in Middleburg, Tess desperately tries to resolve her past-life to secure her future with Conrad. With her vengeful ex-husband, now determined to kill her, the clues Tess retrieved during her near-death experience hold the key for her survival—if only Tess can decipher the enigma in time.
Throw-Away Horses

When Sharon Landry survives a near-death experience as a child, she returns with psychic abilities—a gift she feels compelled to hide. One day, she and her sister Debbie encounter three rider-less racehorses galloping towards them on a nearby beach and take the injured horse, home to their grandparents’ small farm. Sharon plans to adopt the horse she calls Mugs, but before they can execute a purchase, the owner forcibly collects the horse, and transports it to a slaughterhouse. Debbie subsequently exposes a horse-theft ring in a series of scathing newspaper articles, and dies three weeks later. Sharon soon experiences paranormal “contact dreams” hinting that Debbie’s car crash was no accident. Sharon searches for answers to Debbie’s suspicious death, using a false identity, while following her sister’s trail to the slaughterhouse, and awakens a ghostly presence there. When something horrible occurs, Sharon leaves feeling guilty and ashamed. A few decades later, she, and her beloved horse Rasputin, live on a haunted farm in Virginia, surrounded by mysteries she must solve. When two wealthy bachelors compete for her attention, Sharon struggles to open her heart, reveal her darkest secrets, and make peace with the psychic abilities she’d spent her life trying to deny.
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